Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

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Erich Kadow Interpretation & Design represents a team of associate designers and specialists who have an award-winning track record and wide experience in the field of museum and exhibition design.

We have the contacts to bring together a team of just the right size and skill-set to suit the requirements of any project. That way, we can maintain our focus on the design and keep a tight rein on costs, which is all important in these financially challenging times.

We are happiest when working with heritage schemes of any kind; archaeological sites, museum collections, historically significant buildings and landscapes. Increasingly, projects require environmentally-friendly low energy solutions and we are firm believers in developing a ‘green’ approach at the outset.

We also believe in content-led solutions that involve working closely with client teams and – importantly – listening to them!

Our ethos is to deliver interpretation in an imaginative and enjoyable way for all, casual visitors as well as earnest specialists, while at the same time employing the highest standards of quality in the presentation.

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