Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

Creswell Crags forms part of one of Europe’s most important archaeological landscapes preserving the most significant cluster of cave sites inhabited during the last Ice Age in Britain.

Since the 1880s, excavations have produced a wealth of evidence from which it is possible to interpret what life was like for hunters at the edge of Europe. Britain’s oldest work of art, a fine engraving of a horse found in Robin Hood Cave and the recent cave art discoveries in Church Hole connects us with the great era of cave painting on the continent.

Working for Continuum, I produced the interpretive plan and as part of the design team directed the early, formative stages of the project. This included the exhibitions and galleries and associated display cases, media, hands-on interactives and graphics, prior to the production and fit-out of the Museum.

As part of this work, one of the galleries has been designed to fully meet the Government’s indemnity criteria, enabling the Museum for the first time to exhibit artefacts on loan from the British Museum.