Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

The Pembroke Castle Trust approached Erich Kadow to design, develop and implement a series of Civil War displays as part of their ongoing programme to interpret each significant period in history relevant to the castle.

Completed in September 2009, our scenic room-sets show two episodes of the war, as it affected south-west Wales, involving Colonel Poyer, a heroic figure who ended up in tragic circumstances. The first scene shows a skirmish between New Model Army soldiers manning a cannon trained on the castle, while Colonel Poyer and his men (former parliamentarians now siding with King Charles I), sally forth from the castle to attack and capture the guns. The second scene shows Poyer having just drawn ‘lots’, and now with a blank piece of paper in his hand, one that does not have the words “Life Given by God” written on it, realising that he is to die by firing squad.

The scenes combine sculpted figures, setwork, mural paintings, graphic panels, lighting and a triggered audio sequence to dramatic effect – all which contribute to a recreation of this important chapter in the castle’s history. Erich commissioned Chris Wormald of Osiris Sculpture to produce the sculpted figures and setwork for the scenes. Two associate designers assisted Erich with the work; Heath Gwynn produced the 3D construction drawings and Sarah Doyle designed all the graphic panels.

“The feedback I have had for the tableaux has been nothing short of fantastic. Many thanks to you and all your team for a really excellent job.”
David Ramsden – Manager, Pembroke Castle Trust