Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

The brief was to assess the existing resource and its interpretive potential and set out concept proposals and recommendations for practical implementation.

This Interpretation Plan has been commissioned by Tameside Borough Council as part of a collection of documents that will guide the planning and delivery of the repair, restoration, interpretation and development of Stamford Park as a key attraction for the Borough.

The key element in our approach was to examine the infrastructure in the Park – the existing paths, benches, waste bins, signage etc and the natural materials used, and find a way of incorporating interpretive messages using sculpture, relief carvings and hand-cut lettering.

The Park has an interesting history as it used to be the site of a string of textile mills, most traces of which have all but disappeared, so introducing images of textile imagery, cotton plants and fibres etc into benches and pathways was one way to provide ‘clues’ to the history of the Park and the people who lived there.