Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

Walraversijde was once a thriving medieval fishing village on the Belgian coast, near Ostend. Working as part of the team at Past Forward, our ambitious scheme included the authentic reconstruction of part of the 15th century village and the creation of a major new museum to display the excavated finds.

All aspects of the project were designed and created by our team. The project required close co-operation with Belgian architects, building contractors, archaeologists and the client team.

The core of the project was the reconstruction of four medieval houses, complete with furniture, fixtures and fittings. Interpretation, based on the people who originally lived in Walraversijde, is site-wide with an audio tour uniting all elements to provide a cohesive experience for the visitor.

Objects on display in the museum are shown together with film clips featuring replicas to illustrate daily life in the medieval village and provide a vivid context for the artefacts.