Erich Kadow Interpretation and Design Ltd

Interpretation Strategy:
Erich Kadow worked in collaboration with Jef Mayom of Maytom Associates who was commissioned in June 2013 by NMRN to work with the museum in developing an Interpretation Strategy for HMS Victory. This needed to:

  • Crystallise and articulate NMRN’s ‘vision’
  • Be the touchstone which NMRN use with their key sponsors, stakeholders and future funders
  • Create a single plan which delivers a coherent strategy made up of a number of discrete projects

HMS Victory’s story is told in several different ways in a number of locations across the Historic Dockyard, as well as at the NMRN and on board the ship itself. In order to evaluate the balance of interpretation across the site, a review of the relationship between these NMRN components was conducted, and a series of concept proposals and recommendations was developed and broadly costed as part of our Interpretation Strategy.

Bones of Oak & Iron:
Commissioned in May 2011, this was an interactive temporary exhibition that explored how a ship made entirely of wood reached such an astonishing age. HMS Victory was built in 1759 and in her time has sailed the high seas, fought major battles (not least of which the Battle of Trafalgar), been rammed by iron warships, bombed, eaten by gribbles, nibbled by beetles and rotted by fungus.

With stunning graphics, tactile displays, cased artefacts, audio visual projections, computer-generated imagery and a range of media interactives, visitors are able to explore this story and find out how this remarkable 250-year-old ship is looked after to safeguard her for the future.

Erich Kadow Interpretation & Design, together with Maytom Associates managed the implementation over a 3-month period, ably assisted by The Workhaus, who were responsible for the joinery, build and installation, Fusion LX who provided and installed the audio visual hardware and the GBM Group who supplied all the graphics and signage.

This unique opportunity to get beneath the skin of Victory opened to the public in September 2011. Along with Victory herself, it accompanied other Historic Dockyard attractions such as the magnificent Trafalgar Sail, the Nelson and Sailing Navy galleries to put the story into a wider naval historical context.